Two Hundred Word Intro

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Professor Deborah Buszard
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal


Strategy Highlights

Defining Innovation

  • What do we mean by innovation? (i.e. the translation of ideas, work, outcomes derived from the basic work we do across the disciplines that lead to new ideas, new approaches, new standards, new ways of doing things, new technology, new opportunities that improve social and economic well-being in Canada and around the world.)
  • 100-150 word intro paragraph outlining UBC’s Innovation Agenda and the VPR’s vision for the IP neighbourhood within this context. Meet the VP Research …
  • Link to inside page with Phil’s bio, photo and contact info (not black; no reverse text). Functionality to expand and include additional research faculty bios (eg. Anoush Poursartip, Abbas Milani, Reza Vaziri, etc.)

Innovation at Work

Connect With Us

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